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Dryer Vent And Duct Cleaning

This is something that people completely forget about. We all think by cleaning the lint trap after every dry cycle, we are doing enough to prevent any problems.

Moist lint sticks to your dryer exhaust like gum on hot pavement! Over time, your dryer exhaust pipe accumulates lint - and you'd be surprised just how much lint can fit in your dryer exhaust pipe! Cleaning your lint trap is extremely important after every cycle but the trap doesn’t catch all the lint.

The accumulated lint blocks the flow of air the dryer is trying to exhaust outside - this causes your clothes to take much longer to dry which costs more in your energy bills and causes more wear and tear on the dryer .I am not trying to scare you but it also becomes a fire hazard and there are over 15,000 fires in the U.S. each year caused by plugged up dryer exhaust ducts.

I was speaking of this in a presentation I was doing and a NYC firefighter in attendance told everyone that when they respond to one of these fires, they destroy the basement trying to locate the cause.

Here's a short video showing you a newscast of what can happen if a dryer vent gets clogged: Clogged Dryer Vent Video

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